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Onesole Shoes And Onesole Tops - The Original Interchangeable Shoe

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Fashionable Women's Shoes with INTERCHANGEABLE TOPS from Onesole!
Women every where agree that these Interchangeable Shoes from Onesole Shoes are pure brilliance! You can purchase one of our many selections of soles and wear it 600 different ways by choosing from our huge selection of interchangeable shoe tops. Not only are they super cute, these interchangeable shoes from Onesole Shoes are very comfortable as they have a soft step sole that forms to your foot and becomes more comfortable with increased wear. The styles are numerous and fun! They can be worn as a sandal or a clog offering year round solutions and comfort. All Onesole Tops fit All Onesole Shoe Soles, they're completely interchangeable. These shoes promise to be the most fabulous, fun and comfortable shoe you'll ever own.

Here's how it works....
1. Choose the style and color of sole that you want.
2. Make a selection of your favorite interchangeable tops. Take advantage of our 5 for 15 Sale and save!
3. Proceed to check out to complete your order and begin walking in comfort and style with a snap.

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Dominique McClain Barteet, RPh, invented and created the Onesole interchangeable shoe, because of an idea and need for such a shoe due to her extensive traveling. She wanted to create a shoe that would be fun, versatile, and comfortable. The Onesole shoe has evolved into a unique shoe concept that can be personalized, customized and is ever changing with the fashion trends easily and affordably. Quick Change Artist launched a line for the Onesole shoes that feature renowned artists work on the tops for a Signature Series Collection!

Quick Change Artist's Onesole shoe idea is a 20 year vision that came to fruition in the year 2002. She wanted to create a shoe that would be versatile, fun, economical, and easy for travel.You can virtually have a closet full of different shoes with a couple of our soles and some tops. Each sole has interchangeable tops that fit every sole with just a couple of snaps. This allows you to match any outfit economically and with great comfort. We also have accessories such as summer soles, shoe bags, hanging collector straps, and bags to collect your different shoe tops. The idea is patented and is constantly expanding every day to fulfill an innovative shoe niche in today's market. Dominique did all of this with no business or fashion education!!

Gambling On A New Idea:

Dominique McClain Barteet,RPh is a registered pharmacist, who operates a multi million dollar pharmacy in Florida. Her family is from S Carolina and Mississippi, but she lived all over the world from Tokyo to Alaska to Seattle to Illinois to Texas to N Carolina to Charleston, SC and finally settling in Palm Beach. She graduated from The College of Charleston Honors Program and the Medical University of S Carolina with honors. She has always been an overachiever from winning Miss American Teenager in N Carolina to joining the USPA and playing polo even with a fear of horses. She thought of the shoe concept 20 years ago and started to toy around with it about 5 years ago as a hobby in the back of her pharmacy. It was difficult running the pharmacy and starting a new concept, as well as, a new business and a single mom.. However, with her strong work ethic and determination, along with some very good multi-tasking employees in both businesses they paved the way to success.

Today the Onesole shoes are selling like hotcakes around the world and there is no other product like it in its existence. Dominique has always liked a challenge and it looks like the gamble has paid off for her.