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About Anderson Avenue

AndersonAvenue.net began in 2009 with a mission to provide unique gifts and home decor at a reasonable price utilizing the great convenience provided by the internet.

Our products may not always be in a specific "niche" as recommended in the business world but we like it that way. It keeps everything fun and exciting. We can honestly say that everyone here gets EXCITED about any new products that we offer. If we do not get excited about it or consider the product a unique value for our customers, we do not sell it. Your home is special and personal and your gift giving should be too. We simply want to provide products that put Elegance in Everything You Do! From everyday living to gift giving. Those are the special moments that make life meaningful and we hope you will let Anderson Avenue and Andy Land for Kids continue to be a part of your special moments for years to come.

From there to here!

With a family history of 40 plus years in the wholesale and retail furniture business, it was a natural progression for us to begin the move into the categories of home furnishings, home decor, and gifts for the home. However, in early 2008 we were still learning about the ways consumers were shopping through the internet and decided to start small. We wanted to be sure of how to best serve our customers in the future. At Anderson Avenue, our first goal is always providing great service to the customer and knowing that any growth will come just by simply keeping that principle as our primary focus. We work hard at keeping our website simple to allow our customers to navigate and shop with ease. Whenever making decisions regarding our products, services or website, we always put ourselves in the position of our customer and factor in how we would like to be treated or considered as a consumer.

With that said, we are happy to report fantastic growth since 2008 and great expectations for the future. We have redesigned our website to provide a better all around experience for our customers and we will continue to introduce new features to enhance your shopping experience. We hope you'll follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog so you can stay updated of new products and fantastic deals as they are offered. You will see more home furnishings and luxury bedding being introduced in the near future and Andy Land for Kids will be making some product upgrades as well. We look forward serving you and appreciate your visit to AndersonAvenue.net.