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2 Tuxedo Lapper Trays - A Non-Slip Lap Tray

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Tuxedo Lapper Trays: Distinctive Dinner Trays

Lapper Trays are made of a very durable plastic called melamine and have indentions for the dishes that are fitted with spill proof, removable silicon mats. Lappers are completely dishwasher safe, nest into each other for easy storage, and have large comfortable handles. Dishes remain in place even when the lap trays are tilted and turned! Lappers are fabulously fun as well as practical and multi-functional. Whether you are having a meal on the sofa or patio, breakfast in bed or watching the big game, Lapper Trays allow you indulge in a stylish and spill proof meal.

Tuxedo Lappers are made of duarble melamine w/ silicone non- slip inserts for all of your dishes. Inserts prevents dishes from sliding.
Size: 19” x 13”
All parts are dishwasher safe
White Removable silicone mats are heat resistant and make great hot pads
Large, comfortable handles
Tuxedo Lapper Trays are Stackable and Store conveniently

Lappers are the best choice for a lap tray

Unfortunately, we're all guilty of having dinner in front of the TV way too often and to do so, we do a non-stop juggle with a cumbersome and slippery dinner tray to keep our dishes from sliding off the tray. Well, now you not only eat in style with these beautifully designed trays but you can cut back on spilling and tricky balancing. These Lappers are fantastic lap trays for indoor or outdoor dining as well as a great way to be served a meal in bed or in front of the big game!

The other great thing? The Lapper Trays are made from a durable plastic called melamine and the removable silicone mats can handle up to 600 degrees of heat making this tray DISHWASHER SAFE and multi- functioning. Finally, you can eat on a clean serving tray that easily nests one on top of the other for convenient storage. The silicone inserts work double duty as hot pads or pot holders!

Lappers are the Perfect Gift for Anyone

And, for so many reasons! These multi-functional lap trays are the ideal combination of function and style to create the most fun and most practical dinner tray on the market. Lappers come in a variety of fabulous designs to suit anyone's sense of style. They are extremely handy for dining and entertaining, Lappers are great for men, women, children and even a family or group. We've had many Mom's send their children off to college with a handy lapper tray. They pop right in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It is a sure bet that anyone who receives a Lapper Tray as a gift will be thanking you for years to come.

Gift Ideas for these Lappers are limitless. The are perfect for House Warming gifts, Tailgating, RV's' Camping, Beach or Lake Homes, College Students, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Holidays, Nursing Homes, Hostess Gifts and more. Use Lapper Trays to liven up your next dinner party or Barbecue!

Here's the story from the Lappers creator Ashley Hatcher....

I never dreamed that my frustration of dishes sliding on dinner trays would lead me to be an inventor! While suffering from a migraine, my daughter brought some food to me on one of our staple “bamboo dinner trays”. We used these lap trays constantly for entertaining, having dinner outside with family, or just anytime we weren’t sitting at the table to eat. When she brought the lap tray to me, everything had spilled. The lap tray was falling apart and dirty! To add to my frustration, I had to sit up to hold the lap tray perfectly parallel to the bed to prevent my dishes from sliding more. I decided that day that there had to be a better lap tray!

After searching on the internet, I could not find a lap tray to fix all the current problems with conventional dinner trays. I wanted a lap tray that would have 4 needed features: keep dishes in place, allow for safe dishwashing, store for convenience, and handles that would work. I worked for almost a year to design a lap tray with these benefits and HALLELUIAH the Lappers were born!

Lappers are made of a very durable plastic called melamine, have indentions for the dishes that are fitted with anti slip silicone mats, are completely dishwasher safe, nest into each other, and have large comfortable handles. Dishes stay in place even when the trays are tilted and turned! Lapper Trays are fun but most of all they are functional.

The Lapper Trays are perfect for anyone. Whether you are entertaining or just having dinner away from the table, Lappers will allow you to beautifully and efficiently enjoy your meal!

Have You Heard?

Lappers have been featured in Forbes Life, Rachael Ray's FAVES, Georgia Trend, Atlanta Life's Best New Gift, Her Magazine, Southwest Georgia Living, Alabama Living, Kitchen News and Houseware Reviews #1 pick in their article Hit the Housewares Jackpot. These divine dinner trays were featured on Good Morning America and HGTV's I Want That!. The Lapper Trays were the Editor's pick in the magazine Fancy Foods. Home Furnishing News featured Lappers in the section of Playing the Table and were highlighted in the French magazine Table and Cadeau as one of the best new products at the Chicago International Housewares show. The website www.coolhunting.com, a site that boasts of finding things in the intersection of design, culture, and technology, featured Lappers the week of May 15, 2006. They have also been selected to be a part of the gifts for the Teen Choice Awards in August.

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