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Bob Timberlake Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Bob Timberlake Rocking Chairs, Outdoor rocking chairs, wooden rocking chairsBob's Studio Collection of Rocking Chairs contains both Adult and Child Rocking Chairs. This collection of substantial, yet breath taking, Rocking Chairs is a collaboration of skill, artistry and American pride. Dixie Seating is experience in building solid wood rockers for over 70 years in North Carolina and Bob Timberlake is well known for his support for MADE IN USA products.

Bob Timberlake Adult Rockers use swelled joint construction combined with interlocking wood to wood joints and pressure fit construction. The specially designed finishes portray the artistic talents of Bob Timberlake- realistic, distressed, weathered and in a full range of colors. Rocking Chairs symbolize what is best about our American way of life. A comfortable, relaxing conversation on the front porch with a friend or family member reminds us all of the simpler time where true memories are made.

Bob Timberlake Child Rockers are based upon the timeless design of the "original little red rocker" which came from Dixie Seating in the 1930's. This is truly an American Classic. As a gift and keepsake, Bob's Studio Original Child Rocker will last for a lifetime and becomes a family heirloom to be passed from one generation to the next. That is why the child's rocker uses adult sized components like our solid ash posts, band sawn seat slats, interlocking wood to wood joint and pressure fit, swelled joint construction so that the rocker you purchase will last for generations.