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Kids Chairs

A Child's Chair is Special.
Giving children a space of their own is not only important for a child but its a treasured gift to a child. As you know, children often mimic their parents or their more "grown up" loved ones as they are learning and growing. Children are also subjected to constant direction from authority figures. Giving them their own space such as a kids chair, kids rocking chair or another variety of a kids chair is one way to make them feel special and loved as well as allows them to act a bit "grown up" which, gives them great pleasure and a sense of control. At Andy Land For Kids (aka Anderson Avenue) we have searched out some of the top quality kids chairs and kids rocking chairs for our customers. We know that not only do children love a chair of their own but they are still kids and giving them lower quality furniture will only bring disappointment if it cannot withstand the wear and tear of kids being kids. Our kids chairs and kids rocking chairs offer a range of prices, styles, sizes and colors. Some of our kids chairs and kids rocking chairs can be customized with your choice of finishes, seat styles or some can even be personalized with a name and/or graphic. Our personalized kids chairs and rocking chairs come with several options so that the personalization of your child's chair reflects the personality of your child. We are excited to also offer a Youth Size Kids Rocking Chair much to the delight of the "bigger-little kids". It is scaled larger and will allow them to sit an enjoy their kids rocking chairs for years to come. Be sure to check out our up and coming Teen furniture for the teens as well. Many of our kids chairs are made right here in the USA and offer custom options to suit your child and your home. While a kids chair is for the child, we realize that it also has to fit into your home environment. So, we hope you will enjoy shopping our selection of kids chairs and that you find just the perfect chair for your child and your home. We are certain that it will be as exciting for you give the gift of a kids chair as it will be to the child who is receiving their new kids chair.

In purchasing a wood rocking chair, you are allowed the versatility of enjoying your kids rocker indoors or outdoors. While some of our Kids rocking chairs and baby rocking chairs can withstand some weather, we strongly suggest that the chair remain, or at least be stored, indoors or on a patio or covered porch to ensure the longevity of your child's rocking chair. Thank you for shopping at Andy Land for Kids for your Kids Chair!